Politics in the People's Republic of China (Spring 2017)

This course provides an overview of China's political system. We will begin with a brief historical overview of China's political development from 1949 to the present. The remainder of the course will examine the key challenges facing the current generation of CCP leadership, such as economic reforms, regime stability, and political reform. Students will also be familiarized with prominent theories of authoritarian politics. Among other topics, we will examine: factionalism, power-sharing, and political purges; corruption; avenues for political participation and representation; public opinion; protest movements and dissidents; co-optation of ethnic minorities; and media and internet control. 

Teaching Assistant

Political Inquiry (Spring 2015)

Introductory course in statistics for political scientists. (Instructor: Peter Galderisi).

US-China Relations (Winter 2015)

M.A.-level policy school course on the challenges of the US-China relationship. (Instructor: Susan Shirk).

Politics of Immigration (Winter 2017)

Comparative course on migration, anti-immigrant sentiment, and immigration control. (Instructor: Tom Wong).